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N'Vision iT!  Dream iT!  Achieve iT! 

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D'Vision II Entertainment, LLC 

N'Vision iT!    Dream iT!     Achieve iT!



What we do..

We are a production and consulting firm. We specialist in educating, publishing, and developing  artists, songwriters and authors as well as we design fashion and home essentials. 

We have been serving artists and industry since 1999. We specialize in educating the beginning artist, while supporting musicians and vocalist through production and consulting services.  We have own and operated, D'Vision II Records, GMG Recording Studios, ElJay Productions and Consutling,, Valerie Venee' Jewelry and Accessories  and Lo Jaye Publishing. 

We are currently working on building a charity that helps people in crisis. At this time, it is only a project of DVE but we plan on hosting a non-profit soon. 

We are very excited about our new project because is helps people who are in a time in their lives that they need an extra hand. We started this project officially a few months ago when we took our first gift certificate to a couple in need in our home town. 

Our project is very simple at this point and so we are running it through DVE until it is in need of growing into a full non profit. 

At this point, what we are doing is distributing gift cards or gift certificates for grocery stores, gas stations and will except hotel vouchers, hotel gift certificates, Walmart, Target Home Depot or any other store that has essentials. 

Our first couple, was staying at a local hotel the husband was dying of liver disease and the wife was dealing with a disability of her own. We contacted the hotel and asked it they knew of anyone who was in dire need of $25 to the local grocery store. We were told about this couple and so we bought a gift certificate to our local grocery store and stipulated on it no alcohol could be bought. 

We plan on making this a regular thing we do for our community because the need is so big we are asking people to send their gift cards or gift certificates to us and we will distribute them to the dire needs of Americans. 

We have big plans for our project to grow into a non-profit charity and ministry that helps advocate for people dealing with a crisis. Whether it is a health concern or domestic violence we hope to provide help to fill the gaps of other services and charities. 

For example,

Did you know that there are very few shelters for people going through violence that is not a spouse? When we learned this is broke our hearts. In todays, world there is way too much violence and when it hits home is is scary and they have no place to go. 

Many rely on credit cards to provide for there basic needs. When the credit limit is maxed then what? They end up sleeping in their cars or worse out on the streets. Many communities do not have over night shelters except in the cold winter and it forces people to sleep out in the cold or even extreme heat. 

Our long time goal is to open shelters for people who are running from violence that is not a spouse. But, for now we are starting The Magnolia Project to help provide food and essentials to those hiding right in front of us.